Choosing a High-Quality Sex Doll

Sex Doll Buyer’s Guide 2022

There has been a rapid growth of the sex doll market online. However, the information about these dolls is not keeping up with this growth.

Taking this into consideration, this article will help you understand more about sex dolls and also offer tips on purchasing high-quality dolls.

What Is a Sex Doll?

Often called a love doll, a sex doll is a doll that can be used to get sensual pleasures.

It has artificial orifices (openings in the body, such as mouth, vagina, and anus). It comes in various forms and can resemble the shape and size of a real-life person.

Sex Doll Guide Summary

Selection CriteriaFeatures
Standard Doll vs. Customized DollStandard dolls are cheaper
AppearanceHair color, eye color, clothes, and makeup
SizeBreast size, body type, height, and butt size
FeaturesFaces, orifices
Doll MaterialsRubber, fabric, TPE, and silicone
Skeletal StructureA skeletal framework like a real person?
BudgetHigh-end silicone ($4,000+) versus standard

Sex Doll Guide(2021)

Know the Different Types of Sex Dolls Available

Manufacturers offer varying levels of customization, including choices for material, weight, appearance, and more.

  • Standard vs. Customized – standard dolls come as a complete package with preselected wigs, clothes, makeup, skin color, and eye color. You cannot customize them, and because of that, they usually are cheaper than dolls that you can customize.

You can also purchase semi-standard dolls. They have a standard structure for their face, but have great flexibility for the following features:

  • Appearance – you can choose the clothes, makeup, hair color, eye color, etc.
  • Size – you can choose a range of combinations from breast size, height, body type, and butt size.
  • Features – you can have the ability to change the faces of the doll, and it may also come in some working orifices. 

There are also dolls that you can fully customize, but they are highly expensive. To do this, you can provide a photo to the manufacturer together with your preferred specifications.

  • The Material of the Doll – the material is mainly the deciding factor for the price and purpose of the doll.
  1. Rubber ($150 – $500) – does not last as long as silicone. Rubber is a porous material, so the pores may be stuck with bacteria, which may result in bacterial infection. It is still safe for use as long as you thoroughly clean it.
  2. Fabric ($700 – $1,000) – while fabric dolls do not have lifelike touch, they offer comfortable companionship. Their orifices are typically made from silicone and can be removed so you can clean them easily.
  3. TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer ($1,500 – $3,000) – TPE is as durable and almost as realistic as silicone, but it is cheaper.
  4. Silicone ($3,000 – $6,000) – silicone is long-lasting and offers a realistic texture to the skin. It is also non-reactive, which makes it safe to use. Their bodies and orifices are carved amazingly, and their faces resemble real girls.

Learn About the Different Features of Sex Dolls

Aside from the look of the dolls, they also offer many features.

  • Skeletal Structure – this allows the doll to bend using its joints so that it can maintain a set position just like a real human. Silicone dolls have a skeletal framework. Other dolls, such as fabric dolls, have a weaker skeleton. It is usually made from wire and cannot stand on its own.
  • Height and Size – most of the time, sex dolls are life-sized dolls. Typically, the height of silicone dolls are between almost 5 feet and 5’7” or even taller in some instances. Silicone manufacturers also make collectible dolls that are shorter, but they are as functional as the taller ones. Plush dolls (fabric material) start from 4’2” and may reach up to 5’5”.

There is also an option to customize the doll’s breast and butt sizes.

For the breasts, you can choose from small and bouncy to supple sizes. You may also customize the butts of different sizes, and you can add gel implants to make them softer.

  • Weight – taller dolls are more massive. Silicone dolls can weigh up to 100 pounds, which makes them the heaviest sex dolls. By resizing and proportioning, many manufacturers have successfully reduced the weight of their products (60 – 80 pounds).
  • Orifices – a sex doll has at least one orifice, which is the vagina, but other dolls may also have a mouth and anus. Orifices are generally intended for lovemaking. They can be removable or fixed.

Check Out Accessories and Body Parts

You can drastically change the look of the doll by changing its accessories and body parts.

There are wigs you can purchase separately that are available in a variety of cuts like straight, bob cut, layered cut, wavy, and curled; in different lengths like short, medium, and long; and also in different colors.

Regarding their dress, manufacturers offer numerous erotic clothing options, such as leotards and negligees, swimsuits, nightgowns, and other erotic lingerie.

Manufacturers also offer sex dolls wherein you can change their faces. You can just pop the head in some dolls. Other dolls have magnetically attached faces that you can remove and replace with another face.

Check Your Budget

As stated above, TPE and silicone dolls can cost thousands of dollars, so you need to be well informed when buying one. Take a look at the distinction between high-end and slightly cheaper sex dolls.

  • High-End (more than $4,000) – these dolls have the best features.

They are mostly made of silicone. The skin of high-quality dolls is platinum cured, which means the silicone is medical grade, ensuring there is no oil in the material.

In general, premium dolls also have a more flexible and stronger skeleton for better posing.

They also offer many customization features like skin tones, breast sizes and shapes, the feel of the vagina, and butt sizes.

  • Slightly Cheaper (less than $4,000) – this price range comes in a broader range of materials.

100% silicone dolls can still be available in this price range, but there are other common varieties like silicone-urethane mixture, TPE dolls, and fabric dolls.

Cheaper dolls may have poor finishing, such as the seams running along the body, legs, and arms. Customization options are also limited, and the aesthetic appeal of the doll may also suffer.

The skeletal system is made from wire, and some do not have a skeletal system at all.

You can still get quality dolls in this price range. TPE dolls do not absorb moisture and are water-resistant. Dolls made from fabric like polyurethane foam and Lycra feel comfortable and warm.

Choose the Right Store & Manufacturer

When you have decided on the budget and the type of doll you want, it is time to look for the right store and manufacturer.

You can start by checking the websites of the manufacturer and looking at their gallery while checking these qualities:

  • Pose – check information on the doll’s flexibility and ability to pose.
  • Ethnicity – manufacturers offer dolls that look like women of specific origins.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – dolls of a specific manufacturer may appeal to you, but others may not. Choose the one that you find attractive.

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