The 4 Best Sex Doll Online Retailers

Sex dolls are growing more popular every day. And as the demand for sex dolls rises, more online sources pop up. This is where reseller shops come in.

It’s important to know which shops sell the best sex dolls that will give your money’s worth.

Many sex doll online shops offer similar services and products. You should only buy from reliable shops that offer the best terms when it comes to several factors.

But, not all vendors can give you the customer satisfaction you expect and deserve. That’s why we’ve looked into different sex doll online stores to find out which ones stand out among the rest.

How We Picked the Best Companies for the Best Experience

Before going through our top picks, here are the factors we considered:


Sex dolls are expensive with prices that can go up to several thousand dollars. We know that when buying a sex doll, you try to get the best at the lowest price possible.

Some people ignore the price tag and go all out on the best quality item. This is a great option if you have a lot of money to spare. Sometimes, ‘expensive’ doesn’t always mean the ‘best’. So, we’ve compared prices from vendors while taking other factors into consideration.

We found the top sex doll shops for you that offer high-quality dolls at the best price points.


When looking for a sex doll vendor, you would want to choose the one with a lot of varieties of products. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to dolls’ body types, head styles, and more.

A store that sells a variety of items also means that they’re knowledgeable about the sex doll market. You can be assured that you’re buying from a reliable source.


Another factor to look out for is the retailer’s service. This includes answering queries before and after your purchase. You would want to buy from a store that can answer all your questions no matter how silly they may seem.

For first-time sex doll buyers, it’s normal to have an overflowing amount of questions. Trustworthy online shops can provide information to FAQs (aka Frequently Asked Questions). Having a section for sex doll care and basic knowledge on how to choose one is definitely an advantage.

Custom doll service is another plus factor to any sex doll store website. Wouldn’t you be excited if a retailer can offer you an option to request a doll that isn’t in their shop? It only shows how much they value their customer’s satisfaction.


This may be one, if not the most important aspect when it comes to choosing where to buy your sex doll. Not everyone wants to show the world that they’re into sex dolls for the fear of being judged by others.

That’s why online stores must prioritize their customer’s privacy in shipping these products. You should choose an online store that can deliver your sex doll as discrete as possible.

Besides privacy, the safety of the package is also essential. We’re sure that you’ll get pretty upset to get a defective doll after spending thousands of dollars on it. For this reason, you shouldn’t buy from just any sex doll retailer that you find on the web.

Return Policy

If you find yourself in an online store with a “no return, no exchange” policy, get out of there fast. Every reputable retailer would give warranties for their products. This will give you an assurance that they trust the qualities of the sex dolls they sell.

It’s inevitable that they’d be shipping out some products with little factory defects. So, you must only buy from vendors that can replace your faulty item unless the cause of the damage is you.

Best Place to Buy a Sex Doll Online

1. Sex Doll Genie (SXdolly's Choice)

Sex Doll Genie is still a bit new in the sex doll business, but they’re already creating a following. One of the best things we like about SDG is their personable customer service.

You would get updates about your order from the start of its production until its shipment. They might even send you photos of your doll during the manufacturing process.

They would answer your questions promptly usually through e-mail. But, they may not be too quick at answering calls. They have a large variety of dolls and discrete shipping policies.

On their website, you’ll find each sex doll to have the “Genie Guarantee”. This includes a support and repair warranty from SDG for your doll’s lifetime. In short, they’ll answer to any issues you may have with your SDG doll for free!

Also, they’re nice enough to offer repair services for other dolls that you didn’t buy from them (which comes with a price, of course).

Return Policy

Full refund for items returned within 15 days after delivery and under strict conditions.


  • Reasonable prices and offers discounts
  • Personal and engaging customer service
  • High-quality sex dolls


  • Customer service may not be prompt at all times
  • Run by a small team
  • You’ll shoulder the shipping fee when returning an item to them

See Best Price or Read In-Depth Review.

2. Sexy Real Sex Dolls

This sex doll retailer may have one of the largest selections of TPE sex dolls online. They also have a decent amount of silicon dolls and male sex dolls.

With SRS Dolls, you can customize your doll if the options on their site don’t meet your standards. Once you’ve chosen a body type, you can change its hair, skin tone, and other tiny details.

Another great thing with SRS Dolls is that they ship to anywhere on the globe free of charge. This means that no matter where you are, you can have your own high-quality sex doll.

Their modes of payment are quite convenient since you can even pay using cryptocurrencies. They also have a referral system where you can earn store credits.

The only downside is that they don’t refund products. You might get a replacement as long as the product is unused and if you didn’t cause the damage.

Return Policy

Replacement or repair depends on the shop’s evaluation.


  • Large selection of sex dolls
  • Discrete free shipping worldwide
  • Live chat customer support


  • No refund policy
  • No definite warranty guidelines
  • Replacement allowed for unused dolls with manufacturing defects, but you will shoulder the return shipping fee

See Best Price or Read In-Depth Review.

3. Sexy Sex Dolls

Sexy Sex Doll is a WM Dolls authorized seller. But, they also carry other brands like YL Doll and Climax Doll.

They have more than 200 TPE and silicone sex doll options. They’re also the pioneer with offering nifty hidden storage boxes for their dolls. When buying a doll from SSD, you’ll also get freebies like a free care kit.

You can buy a doll using the PayPal installment plans and credit cards. They ship the products discreetly to protect your privacy.

Also, their customer service is quick and responsive, so you can confidently ask them anything sex doll-related. However, they ship items a bit too long. The freebies that come with your doll are shipped separately. You can expect that the doll and the freebies will arrive on separate days. But, this still depends on location and your choice of brand.

Regardless of these misses, SSD still has a lot of hits.

Return Policy

No refund. The replacement may depend on the condition of the doll.


  • Professional and friendly customer service
  • Over 200 sex dolls to choose from
  • Convenient payment methods


  • Shipping can be slow for separate accessory items
  • There may be problems with packaging especially when buying items on sale
  • $150 shipping fee + other local charges for South America

See Best Price or Read In-Depth Review.

4. Silicon Wives

Our fourth pick is Silicon Wives because of their payment plan option. This gives you a chance to get a doll while paying for it over time. You can finally get a sex doll even with a limited budget.

We also appreciate that their website is user-friendly. It’s easy on the eyes compared to other sites, so navigation is a breeze.

However, they have very limited sex doll choices – a little less than 100 including the male dolls. Besides that, their dolls can’t be customized in detail.

Still, you can request a doll you’d like by sending them a personal message.  You’ll have to get into specific details, though, which includes photos. This may be a bit inconvenient for some people.

In spite of this, they have competitive shipping and return policies. They offer free shipment to any part of the world excluding taxes and other charges for non-US orders.

Return Policy

Report damages or any issues upon receipt of the product immediately. They give full refunds and shipping fee reimbursements if dolls are unused.


  • Prompt live chat support
  • Payment plan options
  • Offers free shipping worldwide


  • Limited sex doll choices
  • Not TDF approved
  • Limited customization options for the available dolls on the site

See Best Price or Read In-Depth Review.

The Bottom Line

Your budget and comfort level with certain types of retailers may determine where you shop for a sex doll. There will be stores that can give you your worst nightmare. That’s why it’s essential to find the best sex doll vendor.

Don’t think that a $7,000 doll is the best among others. There are cheaper dolls that would have the same quality as the expensive doll. Choose an online store that can give you great quality without spending crazy amounts of money.

The most important aspect is your satisfaction. If you’re satisfied with the services a shop offers, the best thing is to stick with it. But in case you want to switch to another retailer, the top 4 picks in our list would likely give you the satisfaction you’ve been looking for.

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